Join The Consortium

We welcome applications from across the East of England.

All organisations wishing to apply for membership of the consortium need to complete a separate application form (Word Version). This includes the entire working group, who will have to apply for consortium membership alongside every other interested organisation.

If there are any aspects of this document that are unclear or that require further explanation, please feel free to contact Leonie McCarthy, who will be acting as the Partnership Development Manager –

Benefits of Consortium Membership and Associated Expectations

There are a number of general benefits that the consortium will generate for its member organisations. These fall under the following headings:

Quality Improvement
Image and Profile
Negotiating Power and Funding Prospects
Resource Use
Strategic Capability

Further Details

Expectations of members include
  • Interest in, support for, and promotion of the development and furtherance of the consortium as a whole and not merely the respective agendas or vested interests of certain member organisations
  • Inputting ideas/information into & providing support for, joint tenders & applications
  • Adhering consistently to the values of the consortium
How Organisations join the Consortium

Organisations need to complete the separate Application for Membership Form.

A formal application process is needed to ensure that organisations are actively committed to the consortium's vision and value base and can meet certain standards/thresholds.

Membership Eligibility Criteria

To become a member of the consortium, organisations will need to demonstrate that they can meet certain eligibility criteria.

There will be 2 categories of membership available: full for organisations that are ‘contract-ready’ and associate for, organisations that are not yet ‘contract-ready’ but are working towards that status.

There are 10 key eligibility criteria divided into 2 parts:

Part 1: Universal Criteria
  • VCSE Sector (not-for-private profit organisations and social enterprises)
  • Provision of services targeted at those who are most in need
  • Area of operation
  • Commitment to consortium working
  • Commitment to sharing expertise
All consortium members, full or associate, will need to demonstrate that they meet all of these universal criteria. If organisations cannot meet all of these criteria, they will not be granted membership of the consortium.
Part 2: Contract-Readiness Criteria
  • Financial health
  • Quality systems
  • Suitable organisational policies
  • Suitable governance
  • Technical capacity
All full members will additionally need to demonstrate that they meet all of these contract-readiness criteria.
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