Our Mission

Introduction and Background

The purpose of this Membership Prospectus is to explain what the new Peterborough Plus VCSE Consortium is about, and to invite organisations to apply for membership.

Organisations wishing to join the consortium need to complete the separate application form.

The goal of the consortium will be to safeguard and grow high quality VCSE service provision across Peterborough, through working with commissioners to co-design services, creating a single point of contracting, and by tendering competitively for public service contracts via a range of channels.

Brief Overview of the Operating Environment

Generally, the significant cuts in public sector finance present both threats and opportunities for the sector.  VCSE organisations will need to be much more competitive and efficient to be able to survive in the new, more challenging operating environment.  However, the sector could also be in a key position to benefit as more services, which hitherto were the exclusive domain of the public sector, are outsourced to non-state providers.

Consortium Vision and Mission

The collaborators have developed a clear vision for the consortium, which is to:

To improve the quality of life for the people of Peterborough by bringing together the wide diversity and expertise of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector

The mission of the consortium is to: